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Welcome to the cyber home of Winter Pines and the other wonky Cross Cuts’ designs. I use black and white (with the ever-present dash of vivid color) because it challenges me and seems to work the best for expressing my ideas and spirit.


Kay M. Capps Cross

Kay M. Capps Cross

I have been at this wonderful adventure for quite awhile now.  Hard to believe my first book was published in 2006.  As the “Black & White” , I have stayed true to what I love, and continue to play almost exclusively with black & white.  Of course that little “zinger” of color always pops in somewhere.  And occasionally I dabble in color to see how the other half lives. 

I am fortunate to spend my working days with amazing, creative, and delightful quilters.  I relish the thought of going to work and am always eager to learn from my students.  I truly believe that I learn more and glean more from my students than they do from me.   I cherish that they allow me to connect with them on so many levels, and share my love of creating with them.  I firmly believe that everyone is creative and talented and it is my job to discover how, where, what, and pull it out of my students—sometimes kicking and screaming!  I am not always sure if the talent is kicking or my student is kicking!  It’s always an adventure.

I continue to design, write, lecture, teach and share and hope to begin new ventures as well.  I love coming to your part of the world, so schedule me to come see you at a show, for a class, an event, or a retreat.  We will have a great time!  I can’t guarantee it, but you may just learn something as well!